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Nak gigi putih? Gunakan Whitekish Magic Charcoal

khatyaiman | 11/27/2020 04:19:00 pm | 0 Komen

 Gigi putih membuatkan anda lebih yakin untuk sentiasa tersenyum

Semua orang menginginkan gigi yang putih supaya lebih yakin untuk senyum kepada orang sekeliling. Tetapi ada tak ubat gigi yang boleh bantu untuk memutihkan kembali gigi? Adakah ianya selamat dan terjamin kualiti nya? Ada satu produk yang tengah viral iaitu Whitekish Magic Charcoal yang boleh dicuba untuk masalah di atas tadi.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal adalah produk penjgaan gigi buatan Malaysia. Anda nak tahu, percubaan kali pertama sahaja dan menampakkan perubahan tau. wooo sangat kan.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal ini dihasilkan dari bahan semulajadi iaitu arang tempurung kelapa yang banyak manfaat nya seperti :-

  1. pastinya membantu putihkan gigi
  2. membantu menghilangkan masalah nafas berbau
  3. membantu mengatasi masalah karang gigi dan sebagainya.

Produk Whitekish Magic Charcoal telah mendapat pengiktirafan daripada KKM dan selamat untuk digunakan tanpa was was ya.

Lihat hasil sebelum dan selepas sekali penggunaan Whitekish Magic Charcoal ini . Baru sekali, kalau berkali-kali, lagi putih kan.

Untuk pembelian dan Info lanjut boleh layari maklumat di bawah :


no fon : 0178898878 ( call/sms/whatsapp )

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How to Work from Home: Making Sure You Have All You Need to Work Remotely

khatyaiman | 11/27/2020 03:45:00 pm | 0 Komen

 How to Work from Home: Making Sure You Have All You Need to Work Remotely

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide have begun work-from-home initiatives to curb the spread of the coronavirus. If you are one of the millions of people who became a remote worker in 2020, you have likely realised that your work-from-home setup is more important than you once thought. Prior to the pandemic, working from home was likely a luxury, meant for laying in bed or slumping on the couch with a cup of coffee. However, if you are planning to work from home for an extended period – or permanently – then finding ways to stay productive without travelling to an office will be important.

Organisations today are developing an increasingly mobile and connected workforce. With current social distancing measures across the globe, being digitally available has become an inevitability for many, and learning to adapt to this new change while still maintaining productivity can become more challenging over time. Although what works best for working remotely will vary from person to person, today’s digitally connected workforce and easy access to smartphones and the Internet have also provided many with the opportunity to maximise their capabilities through the use of these high tech devices. 

How to Flex Your Creative Muscles and Stay Engaged in Isolation

Working from home can become monotonous. The work-life separation can make staying focused a chore, and inspiration difficult to find. With all the potential distractions running rampant at home, you should always keep your vision front-and-centre – especially for complicated projects – in order to consistently move closer to the goal, and ensure work is completed effectively. An inspiration board (or a mood board) is an ideal solution for when creativity is required, and focus is lacking while working remotely. 

Whether you are looking for a source of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, kick your skills into higher gear, or maintain momentum with current work, a digital mood board can work wonders. More than a collection of images, illustrations, colours, ideas, words, and textures, mood boards can help generate ideas, curate creative inspirations, and can define the direction of your project. Ultimately, mood boards help you “get inside” your head, revealing your intended vision better than brainstorming or a simple to-do list. Our smartphones are more than a communicative and entertainment tool; they can also help us organise our thoughts on-the-go. 

Furthermore, it may also help to extend your creativity outside of your notebook, or have it purely limited to the medium you are expressing your creative freedom in. Using the right medium – like the AR Doodle feature on Samsung's Galaxy Note20 – you only need to turn on your camera with Samsung’s S Pen in hand to fully unleash your imagination. Explore the space around you through the lens of your camera and sketch your ideas across the room, before converting them into your digital moodboard. Connected to apps like the Samsung AR Doodle and Samsung Gallery, having the freedom to express creativity in your own space can be liberating, allowing you to be fully immersed in your thoughts anytime, anywhere. 

How to Connect with Colleagues and Work “Together” Effectively 

Working remotely can be extremely isolating at times. Fortunately, with the smart devices available to us today, staying connected is as simple as the push of a button. As part of your routine, try and interact with your colleagues regularly, fully utilising our digital connectivity to communicate and work virtually with one another. Chatting over messaging apps like Slack or holding meetings over face-to-face meetings with Zoom are examples of two quick and easy ways to stay in the loop. The advent and accessibility of smartphones have enabled us to constantly be online where needed. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face-to-face meetings difficult, but it has also allowed the workforce to experience a meeting culture without unnecessary travelling and time spent commuting between appointments. Through text messaging on chat apps and optimising video calls, productivity can still be boosted, minimising miscommunication, and ensuring that teamwork continues to be fostered between colleagues. In whatever ways you decide to connect, do not let email be the only way you interact with colleagues. 

 How to Maximise Notetaking through Digital Tools

Notetaking is the unsung habit, whether in school, at the workplace, or even while working remotely. While notetaking is often overlooked, the ongoing effect of poor notes or skipping them entirely can hurt the work process, especially now as we work in the silos of our own homes. On the flip side, taking notes can help with doing your job better as well, helping you refer to important information when you need it, and ultimately allowing you to be more efficient and effective. 

Then, can our smartphones be viable notetaking mediums? In general, research shows that taking notes by hand allows you to remember the material better than typing the same notes down on a device, but paper and pen may not always be within arm’s reach. As we move towards using our personal devices more – whether for calls, meetings, or brainstorming sessions – it only makes sense to rely on our smartphones for our notes.  


By complementing technology with notetaking, we can create efficient notes that is easily shareable and can be synchronised across our devices. While some have adopted the portable Bluetooth-enabled keyboard to type quick notes, savvy users have been adopting tactile notetaking on their smartphones with smart styluses.  

Learning to maximize the features of your notetaking toolkit can be a gamechanger. For example, the S Pen allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone like a smart notepad with its screen-off memo. If you are in a rush to begin taking notes, simply use the S Pen to write on your phone even while it is asleep, and you can still get your notes in quickly without needing to unlock your device. It’s a nifty tool that allows you to convert your hand-written into text that you can copy and paste, and easily sync notes across your devices for your easy reference needs. Also, to simplify yet still keeping your notetaking fully effective, Audio Bookmarks can strengthen recall and bring you to timestamps in which your notes were taken, allowing you to play your recording back where needed and better keep track of all your meetings, even while you are separated from your team. 

Convenience at the Tip of Your Fingers

Over the duration of your work-from-home experience, you will find that there are already many tools and resources that can help boost productivity. While the general setup only includes a decent Internet connection, a computer that meets your needs and a reliable smartphone, it still pays to know the mileage you can gain from each avenue, and how to best drive your personal work output and visualise creativity, whether it is for your professional or home life. 

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khatyaiman | 11/10/2020 06:14:00 pm | 3 Komen

 Adakah kita kata besar? Sebenarnya ia lebih besar daripada yang terbesar

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 NOVEMBER 2020 – Dengan hanya satu hari lagi ke 11 November, lebih dari 1,200 jenama dan peruncit serta 800,000 penjual di Shopee meningkatkan tawaran mereka untuk memberikan rakyat Malaysia potongan harga yang menakjubkan semasa 11.11 Jualan Hebat di platform e-dagang tersebut.

Dengan lebih 100 juta produk untuk dipilih dan banyak lagi yang ditawarkan pada diskaun 99% dengan harga serendah 11 sen semasa Jualan Kilat Shocking Sale; penghantaran percuma dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM11, dan baucar tambahan 50% di samping diskaun untuk produk, rakyat Malaysia akan teruja untuk mengetahui bahawa Shopee 11.11 Jualan Hebat Shopee akan menjadi lebih menarik. Mengapa?

Rakyat Malaysia dapat merasai adrenaline rush dengan diskaun luar biasa semasa Shopee 11.11 Jualan Hebat Elektronik yang akan berlangsung dari 12AM hingga 2AM pada 11 November. Jangan terlepas peluang untuk dapatkan fon kepala Bose Wireless Bluetooth, realme 7 serta SONY WH-1000XM4 fon kepala Pembatalan Bunyi Wireless hanya untuk RM1,111.

Sekiranya itu tidak cukup hebat, Shopee mempunyai satu soalan untuk anda - Proton X50 yang serba baru, anda One or Not? Shopee akan memberikannya kepada 1 pembeli bertuah hanya untuk RM1. Rakyat Malaysia juga berpeluang menjadi pemilik Samsung Galaxy Note20, soundbar, jam tangan, set barang kemas dan banyak lagi hanya untuk RM1. Yang terbaik tentang permainan ini adalah jika para pengguna tidak menang, wang mereka akan dipulangkan sepenuhnya.

Pemain Shopee juga boleh berseronok sambil merebut peluang untuk memenangi Nintendo Switch dan sehingga 11 juta Syiling Shopee dari Goyang Shopee, Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, Shopee Poly, Shopee Claw, Shopee Candy, dan Shopee Lucky Prize.

Dengan e-dagang membentuk semula cara pengguna membeli-belah di rantau ini, Shopee juga membawakan hiburan kepada rakyat Malaysia sepanjang hari, setiap hari. Menampilkan barisan artis yang termasyhur, rakyat Malaysia pasti tidak ingin ketinggalan tarikh-tarikh ini: 

Shopee Live: Platform e-dagang tersebut akan membawa kembali kontraktor but kuning kegemaran orang ramai, Phua Chu Kang dalam penstriman langsung khas pada 10 November dari 8PM-9PM. Rakyat Malaysia berpeluang untuk berinteraksi dengannya sambil mendapatkan tawaran 11.11, baucar dan Syiling Shopee ketika mereka menonton penstriman langsung tersebut.

Bukan itu sahaja - saksikan selebriti tempatan seperti Zoey Rahman (10 November pada 5:00PM), Fynn Jamal dan Tyra Kamaruzzaman (kedua-duanya pada 11 November jam 12:00PM) apabila mereka memulakan penstriman langsung Shopee masing-masing bagi mempamerkan produk mereka, menawarkan tawaran masa terhad dan baucar serta berinteraksi dengan peminat-peminat mereka.

Shopee 11.11 Big Show: Rakyat Malaysia boleh nantikan hiburan selama dua jam tanpa henti yang akan disiarkan pada 11 November dari 9PM-11:00PM di Shopee Live, TV3, Tonton dan Youtube. Dihoskan oleh Awal Ashaari dan Sherry Alhadad, penonton akan dihiburkan dengan persembahan oleh selebriti tempatan termasuk Anuar Zain, Ella, Shila Amzah, Floor 88, Wany Hasrita, Dolla dan Azzam Sham.

Para penonton juga berpeluang untuk mengambil bahagian dalam Shopee Tangkap serta Goyang Shopee untuk memenangi sehingga 11,111,111 Syiling Shopee dan hadiah menarik seperti motosikal Honda Vario, jongkong emas, televisyen Samsung 65” dan pembersih vakum Dyson. Personaliti Dato ’Seri Vida, Datin Diana Danielle, Farahanim, Fahrin Ahmad, Mark Adam dan Siti Saleha juga akan turut serta dalam keseronokan itu. 

11.11 Big Show ditaja oleh Nestle, L'Oréal, adidas, Kimberly-Clark, P&G dan Y.O.U. 

Tambahan pula, Shopee juga akan memperkukuh komitmennya dalam memperkasakan komuniti tempatan menerusi 11.11 Big Charity, iaitu usaha amal serantau pertamanya. Di Malaysia, platform e-dagang tersebut akan bekerjasama dengan organisasi amal seperti Yayasan AIDS Malaysia (MAF) dalam meningkatkan kesedaran dan sumbangan kepada mereka yang hidup dengan penyakit HIV termasuk kanak-kanak yang kurang bernasib baik. MAF bersama dengan rakan hotelnya juga ingin menghantar 2 penderma bertuah ke Langkawi selama 3 hari 2 malam untuk sebuah percutian yang tidak dapat dilupakan. Untuk berpeluang memenangi baucar hotel eksklusif, para pengguna boleh menderma kepada ‘dana MAF’ semasa 11.11.

Tip-tip untuk yang terbaik  - untuk memastikan transaksi yang lebih lancar dan cepat pada 11 November, jangan lupa untuk:

  • Masukkan produk ke dalam kart untuk mengelakkan kehabisan stok pada 12:00 tengah malam  

  • Jangan lupa untuk tuntut dan simpan baucar penghantaran percuma dan baucar diskaun lain terlebih dahulu

  • Pastikan baki dalam dompet ShopeePay anda mencukupi untuk mengelakkan penambahan nilai pada saat-saat terakhir. Sekiranya peringatan tersebut tidak mencukupi, ini pasti berkesan - pengguna berpeluang untuk memenangi sehingga 11,111 Syiling Shopee apabila mereka menambah nilai RM50 ke dalam akaun ShopeePay mereka pada 10 November.

Selain itu, pengguna kali pertama ShopeePay akan menerima baucar RM8 apabila mereka menyempurnakan transaksi pertama mereka dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM25.

Tunggu apa lagi? Layari https://shopee.com.my/m/11-11.  

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The Aroma of Good Times Awaits Malaysians this 11.11 with OLDTOWN White Coffee

khatyaiman | 11/09/2020 10:28:00 pm | 1 Komen
The Perfect Sip Crafted through mouth-watering online deals, prizes and exclusive flavours

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 November 2020 - To some, coffee is more than just a drink. It is a form of gastronomical necessity that needs to be consumed daily. A morning without it may seem rather incomplete. 

OLDTOWN White Coffee is all set to making the morning brighter than ever, especially for Malaysians that are currently working from home. The country’s largest halal-certified white coffee cafe chain brings attractive deals, exciting contests and games plus sumptuous coffee flavours online on its official store on Shopee, in conjunction with the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale running now till 11 November.

Products like the OLDTOWN White Coffee Hazelnut RTD Can will go on Shocking Sale, its original price slashed to RM0.11 on 11 November from 12AM to 2AM! Exclusive 11.11 discounts also include up to 30% off on Malaysian favourites like the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic and the OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O.

Adding to the excitement, from now till 11 December, users stand a chance to win weekly vouchers and exciting prizes when taking part in games. Shopee Mobile App users can play the Spin & Win game brought to you by the OLDTOWN White Coffee Shopee Flagship Store and win eye-catching voucher prizes worth up to RM50. All Shopee users earn one free token to spin every day. This token is refreshed at 12AM daily. Share the game to earn an extra chance to spin, with up to three extra chances per day! Shoppers can look for the Spin & Win game by scrolling to the ‘Shop’ tab when visiting the OLDTOWN White Coffee store on Shopee.

The OLDTOWN Kopi Catch meanwhile is a fun mini game where shoppers can race to collect the most coffee beans, caramel bits or hazelnuts within 30 seconds. The top 10 players with the highest cumulative points after four weeks will be taking home a RM50 Shopee voucher each!

OLDTOWN fans can also look forward to enjoying the deliciously dark and creamy, online exclusive OLDTOWN White Coffee Dark Roast which can be purchased on the brand’s Shopee store. Available in Original and Hazelnut variants, it is made from dark coffee beans roasted at high temperature; it is less acidic and sweet with a smoky bittersweet note at the first sip. Simply satisfying.

The OLDTOWN store on Shopee is home to an extensive list of flavours from the brand’s line of instant coffee and milk tea mix. This includes the rich OLDTOWN White Coffee Classic, the uniquely local OLDTOWN Milk Tea Teh Tarik and also the perfectly balanced OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O. 

For smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, users should top up their ShopeePay accounts so they do not miss OLDTOWN’s limited time deals or products in fast sellouts.   

Has it been mentioned that there is an Ultimate ASMR White Coffee Experience video by OLDTOWN on YouTube? Don’t worry, we will not spoil it for you if you have not seen it yet. Watch it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpeRPVUhiKk. You’re welcome!

Enjoy the The Perfect Sip Crafted by OLDTOWN White Coffee on Shopee by visiting https://shopee.com.my/oldtownwhitecoffee.os

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khatyaiman | 9/23/2020 10:30:00 am | 1 Komen


Ke sana ke sini kebanyakannya menggunakan pembelian melalui dalam talian. Sudah semestinya kalau nak membeli, nak cari satu kedai atau tempat dalam talian menyediakan pelbagai jenis barang yang anda mahu kan? PG Mall ( https://pgmall.my/?Source=Blogger&BloggerID=585Platform) E-dagang nombor 1 di Malaysia dan satu-satunya platform e-dagang tempatan sejak 2017 dan kini semakin berkembang maju. Untuk pengetahuan anda,PG Mall juga tersenarai  top 3 dalam pencarian bagi pelanggan untuk membeli-belah.   [ http://iprice.my/insights/mapofecommerce/en ] . Kita dapat melihat bagaimana PG Mall telah berkembang dengan begitu baik sekali dari tahun ke tahun sebagai pemain e-dagang terkemuka di malaysia sehingga meninggalkan jauh beberapa syarikat pesaingnya yang lain. PG Mall juga menerima baik untuk semua jenis e-wallet dan pembayaran online. 

Ada beberapa jenis promosi yang hebat sedang berlaku dalam PG Mall ini. Semua ini akan membuatkan  kita semua rambang mata untuk berada dalam tempoh masa yang lama nak memilih barang yang kita suka. Tipu la kan kalau anda semua tidak suka bila nampak perkataan 'PROMOSI'
up to 80% OFF Storewide discount
Daily Free Shipping with min spend RM30
Cash Back up to 3.5%

Top Merchant participate . Boleh la pilih mana satu yang anda berkenan. Banyak gilerr kan jenama yang terlibat.

Big Spoon Kitchenware  https://pgmall.my/BigSpoon-Kitchenware| coupon code : SPOONFREE

Fren Store https://pgmall.my/Fren-Store | coupon code : FRENFREE

Softlove Malaysia https://pgmall.my/Softlove-Malaysia-1 | coupon code : SOFTFREE


 Teng Mobile https://pgmall.my/TENG-MOBILE-1 | coupon code : TENGFREE

Shop X https://pgmall.my/ShopX | coupon code : SHOPXFREE

WangZheng Care https://pgmall.my/WangZheng-CARE-1| coupon code : WZHENGFREE

Mamami Health Food https://pgmall.my/Mamami-Health-Food-1| coupon code : MAMAFREE

Perma Glass https://pgmall.my/Perma-Glass | coupon code : PERMAFREE

Altron Mall https://pgmall.my/ALTRON-MALL-1| coupon code : ATRNFREE

Butik Bos Official Store https://pgmall.my/Butik-Bos-Official-Store | coupon code : BUTIKFREE

 VV Mall https://pgmall.my/VV-MALL-1| coupon code : VVMALLFREE

 WJS  https://pgmall.my/WJS | coupon code : WJSFREE

Jazz & Co https://pgmall.my/Jazz-amp;-Co-1 | coupon code : JAZZCOFREE

WPN https://pgmall.my/WPM-Online-1 | coupon code : WPMFREE

Dr Morita https://pgmall.my/Dr.-Morita_-Malaysia-1 | Coupon code : MORITAFREE

Aromate https://pgmall.my/Aromate-1 | Coupon code : AROFREE

Bagi Super Brand Sales pula, pelbagai jenis barang seperti makanan dan gajet boleh di cari. Pastinya tumpuan khaty akan terus ke makanan sebab memang suka makan.

21st September -30th September 2020
RM20 OFF with min spend RM50
Super Brand : Nestle, Gintell, Vivo, G2OOO, Revlon,Old Town, P&G, Focus Point , Hurix, 4S Professional, Pineng

Health & Beauty Essential Week . Jangan dilupakan juga untuk menjaga kesihatan kita. Sementara ada promosi, jom lah kita tengok jika ada yang bersesuaian dari hujung rambut hingga ke kaki

15September - 30 September 
RM25 off min spend RM100
 Free shipping capped at rm4 
Use code: LOVEPGHB25

Jangan berlengah lagi. Jom cepat² membeli belah di gedung online https://pgmall.my/?Source=Blogger&BloggerID=585 . Nak jimat kan masa dan tak perlu nak bersusah payah nak keluar kan. Duduk rumah atau pejabat sambil-sambil tengok fon jengah la untuk window shopping tau.

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9 Things to Expect on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

khatyaiman | 9/07/2020 11:25:00 am | 1 Komen

 Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 September 2020 - Shopee’s signature annual shopping event, the 9.9 Super Shopping Day, has brought millions of people together with its exciting deals and offerings. This year, the shopping event which returns for the fifth edition, takes on a greater significance as communities step up their recovery efforts from the pandemic and adapt to the new normal of e-commerce. Not only will it provide a springboard for sellers and brands to grow their e-commerce business but it will also deliver the best shopping experience for users through  daily free shipping with a minimum spend lowered to just RM9, an extensive list of deals, promotions and prizes to be won. 

Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day period takes place from now till the day that Shopee users look forward to the most - 9 September. So what exactly can Malaysians expect on D-Day? Here are 9 highlights to look out for on 9.9 itself! 

1. 9.9 Super Show

For a memorable countdown to 9.9, don’t miss the Shopee 9.9 Super Show featuring games, performances and acts by a star-studded lineup including Ernie Zakri, Dato' Aaron Aziz, Ayda Jebat, Alif Satar, Wany Hasrita and many more. Not only that, viewers can play and win prizes such as Samsung 55” TVs, iPhone 11s and gold bars. Catch it on 8 September, from 9pm on Shopee Live and Shopee MY’s YouTube channel. The Shopee 9.9 Super Show is sponsored by Drypers, Dettol, P&G, Friso, PediaSure, Nescafé and L'Oréal.


Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

2. Midnight Madness

At the stroke of midnight on 9 September, go on a shopping frenzy as the RM9 lowered free shipping is expanded sitewide from 12AM - 2AM. Meanwhile, 9.9 Only Deals where shoppers add deals to their cart earlier and checkout on 9 September feature mouth-watering discounts including:

       Samsung front load washing machine - RM2,599 RM1,355

       Honda Wave Alpha - RM5,000 RM3,900

       Samsung Galaxy S20+ - RM3,999 RM2,899

       Giordano Men’s Napoleon Embroidery Polo - RM119 RM25


3. Free Shipping Hours

What is better than free shipping vouchers? Even MORE free shipping vouchers! Look out for extra quantities of RM9 platform-wide free shipping vouchers to be claimed and used at 12AM, 9AM, 12PM & 9PM for greater savings.

4. Last-Minute Rush

Get ready to be spoiled for choice with an assortment of promos while enjoying RM9 platform-
wide free shipping from 10PM - 12AM to grab all you need right before 9.9 Super Shopping Day ends.

5. Rewards, Rewards and more Rewards

Set reminders to be notified about big 9.9 rewards on specific time slots throughout the day, such as RM30 off at 1AM, 25% off at 7AM and RM20 off at 9AM.

6. Plant & Grow 9 Samsung Galaxy Note20

Beyond providing just discounts to users, the 9.9 S

Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

uper Shopping Day gives shoppers a chance to win 9 shiny new smartphones. On 9.9 itself, plant and grow 9 units of Samsung Galaxy Note20 that will be given out from the Lucky Tree when playing the Shopee Farm game. With its hyper-fast processor and timeless design, the Note20 is sure to be a hit among fans.


Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

7. 10x Brands Spotlight

Shopee Mall brands offer 100% authentic products, 15 days hassle-free returns at zero cost and free shipping nationwide. On 9 September, enjoy double the number of Brands Spotlight slots compared to regular days within the 9.9 Super Shopping Day period. What this means is that there will be double the number of these brands throughout the day that feature limited time special deals and vouchers including Huawei and Oppo.

8. 9.9 Only Vouchers

Claim special vouchers now and use them on 9 September. These include 50% off vouchers from retailers, exclusively for Shopee users, for a more rewarding shopping experience. 

9. Shopee Games

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day would not be complete without Shopee’s signature fun games loved by many. Shake away on Shopee Shake to win coins at 12AM, 12PM and 8PM. Meanwhile 3 gold bars await players on Shopee Claw!

These highlights are on top of 9.9 million PENJANA vouchers available to be enjoyed during the campaign by consumers as part of Shopee’s collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for the Government’s Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA).

The campaign also features deals from financial partners such as Visa, FPX and HSBC and lifestyle partners like Gong Cha, Marrybrown, LEGOLAND, We Bare Bears and Krispy Kreme. The 9.9 Super Shopping Day is anchored by British Polo, Elianware, L'Oréal, Nestlé, Oppo, P&G, PediaSure, realme, Siti Khadijah, Skechers, Tefal, and Vinda.

Check out what to expect on 9 September here - https://shopee.com.my/m/99-comingsoon-30202 and browse through the 9.9 Super Shopping Day incentives by visiting https://shopee.com.my/m/99 

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khatyaiman | 9/01/2020 11:18:00 am | 0 Komen

Gong Cha Introduces Its First-ever e-Drink Series with Shopee

Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong Cha and Malaysia’s no.1 e-commerce platform Shopee are joining forces to bring all Shopee users an exciting range called the Shopee 9.9 Super Drinks that will sure tingle the taste buds, put a smile on everyone’s faces and have them wanting more.

Introducing three special brews - the Mango Matcha Latte, Mango Latte & Mango Marble, these exclusive and special beverages are introduced in celebration of Shopee’s flagship annual shopping event - the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

 Mango Matcha Latte

The triple-layered and eye-catching Mango Matcha Latte consists of tangy mango puree, rich-flavoured matcha and creamy fresh milk. While some may wonder at the odd coupling and contrasting bitterness of the matcha and sweetness from the mango, they actually complement each other well when mixed together. Be bold and adventurous with this Mango Matcha Latte that will sure to stir your gastronomic senses.

Mango Latte

The Mango Latte’s flavours are subtle and on point. The Gong Cha's freshly brewed green tea blends perfectly with the fresh milk while the bits and pieces of mango offers a unique and addictive texture to the drink. This refreshing and fruity version of a green tea latte is something you can’t afford to miss!

Mango Marble

The blend of mango, paired with milk green tea and Gong Cha's signature milk foam, creates a beautiful marble texture which gives the drink its name. The combination of rich, creamy milk foam and the floral taste of mango may just be that refreshing drink for you to sip on during a fun, road trip with friends.

Gong Cha is introducing their e-drink series for the very first time where the drinks can only be purchased digitally via the Shopee app and collected at their outlets. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha e-drink series now exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchersin-app portal. The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink vouchers can be redeemed at all Gong Cha outlets nationwide from now to 27 September.

Fans can enjoy the drinks at an introductory price of RM7 (Normal price: RM10) from now to

13 September. Save more when you purchase the drinks at RM5 only on these special dates: 1 Sept, 6 Sept and 9 Sept.

Apply the code GC99 upon checkout to enjoy 30% coins cashback (capped at RM5) when you purchase the e-drink series on Shopee from 1 - 9 September.

The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink is introduced in conjunction with the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, happening from now to 9 September 2020. Users who visit Shopee are in for an exciting shopping event - free shipping with minimum spend of RM9, daily Shocking Sale with RM9 deals, 50% off vouchers as well as prizes worth up to RM 99,000 to be won through Shopee Games.

What are you waiting for? Visit https://shopee.com.my/gongcha-shopee-series now!

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realme giving love to its fans through realme Watch and realme Band

PETALING JAYA, 15th August 2020 - Today, realme Malaysia collaborated with Shopee on a giveaway showing their appreciation towards fans, in conjunction with realme being No.1 BEST-SELLING WEARABLE BRAND on Shopee (Jan-June 2020). realme is known as the tech-trendsetter brand in creating creative designs and innovative products for its users. Malaysians will stand a chance to win themselves a unit of realme Band or realme Watch starting from today until 19th August 2020.

“Here at realme Malaysia, we would like to thank our fans for their continuous support since the beginning when realme set its foot in Malaysia. We are glad that Malaysian fans love and appreciate the products we’ve invented to improve their lifestyle and experiences. We hope that our fans will love the giveaway that we have collaborated with Shopee today. We will continue our Dare to Leap spirit in giving fans more innovation products in the future, so stay tuned for more,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia

To join the giveaway, all they have to do is follow Shopee's Official Facebook Page, comment with the reasons they love the realme Band and Watch as well as sharing the post. For more details on the post or giveaway, kindly check out this link https://bit.ly/30R7mfS.

realme Watch and realme Band are equipped with Real-time Heart Rate Monitor as well as Intelligent Sports Tracker to encourage users for a healthier lifestyle.  The realme Watch comes with a 1.4" Large Color Touchscreen that can display up to six important key data which are time, date, weather, steps, heart rate and calories. 

As for the realme Band, it has a 0.96” Large Color Screen displaying a wide range of more than 65,000 colours. It comes with three stylish and colourful straps options where users are able to match with their fashion’s lifestyle.  

To find out more about our events and promotions, do follow us on our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia

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Shopee memperkenalkan Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama dengan tawaran potongan harga hingga 96% pada barangan berjenama

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Ogos 2020 – Shopee telah memperkenalkan ciri baharu yang dinamakan Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama atau Million Dollar Brands Discounts yang akan membolehkan pengguna membeli produk 100% original daripada jenama kegemaran dengan diskaun hebat. Dapatkan pembersih vakum Dyson V7 Fluffy+ yang serba boleh pada hanya RM1,209 berbanding harga sekarang iaitu RM1,899; atau hidangkan masakan istimewa buat keluarga dengan menggunakan Tefal Daily Cook Stewpot with Lid bernilai RM159 yang boleh didapati pada harga RM59 pada 8 Ogos dari 12 tengah malam hingga 2 pagi.

Selain itu, jadilah pemilik Apple Airpods Pro; gayakan warna lipstik baharu oleh MAC Cosmetics, rasa lebih yakin dengan Elizabeth Arden atau dapatkan jam tangan bergaya Cerruti 1881. Portal Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama dapat diakses melalui laman utama Aplikasi Shopee, dan menawarkan tawaran cukup hebat daripada pebagai jenama termasuk Samsung, Seiko, Tomei, JBL, Fjallraven Kanken, Bonia, Levi's, dan banyak lagi.

Tawaran di portal Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama termasuk potongan harga hingga 96%. Tambahan pula, produk yang disertakan tag Shopee Mall dijamin 100% tulen. Sekiranya mana-mana produk ini didapati palsu, polisi Jaminan Produk Tulen Shopee Mall akan digunakan dan Shopee akan mengembalikan wang kepada pelanggan sebanyak dua kali ganda daripada jumlah yang dibayar untuk produk tersebut.


Permainan Shopee

Ciri Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama ini diperkenalkan bersempena Jualan Berjenama 8.8 Shopee. Keseluruhan kempen ini, yang berlangsung dari sekarang hingga 8 Ogos, membawa keseronokan kepada pengguna Shopee yang berpeluang memenangi hadiah bernilai hingga RM88,000 setiap hari dengan bermain Shopee Garden, Flappy Shopee, Shopee Poly, Shopee Link dan banyak lagi.

Super Brand Day

Beberapa jenama juga telah mengambil kesempatan untuk menjalankan Super Brand Day mereka bersama Shopee semasa Jualan Berjenama 8.8 ini. Pengguna boleh menikmati tawaran dan promosi yang diperhebat serta mengambil bahagian dalam pertandingan yang menawarkan hadiah menarik. Jenama-jenama ini ialah Perfect Diary, L'Oreal, realme, Innisfree, Tefal, Bokitta, Enfagrow, P&G, Acer, Universal Traveller, Photobook, Unilever, Skechers, Philips dan Vinda.

Nikmati Penjimatan Lebih Besar 

Selain tawaran dan diskaun berjenama, pengguna boleh menikmati tawaran RM8 setiap hari semasa Jualan Kilat Shocking Sale. Pada hari terbesar kempen iaitu 8 Ogos, perbelanjaan minimum untuk pengguna menikmati penghantaran percuma akan direndahkan kepada RM10 dari 12 tengah malam hingga 2 pagi dengan kejutan tambahan sepanjang hari, manakala jenama-jenama akan menawarkan baucar potongan harga 50% yang tidak patut dilepaskan.

My Girls Talk Show 

Berehat sebentar daripada membeli-belah dan dapatkan inspirasi melalui rancangan bual bicara  wanita baharu ini. Menampilkan peserta dahulu daripada Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, rancangan ini bertujuan memperkasakan wanita dalam pelbagai topik dan pengalaman ketika mereka menjalani gaya hidup pantas hari ini. Ketahui dengan lebih lanjut mengenai cara menjadi pembeli atas talian yang bijak; dapatkan tips kecantikan, serta cara mengekalkan hubungan yang sihat dengan menonton Shopee Live pada hari Ahad (9 dan 16 Ogos) jam 8.30 malam dengan ulangan pada hari Sabtu (8, 15 dan 22 Ogos) jam 5.30 petang.

Walaupun pelancaran portal Berjuta Diskaun Berjenama adalah seiring dengan Jualan Berjenama 8.8 Shopee, ciri tersebut akan terus berada di Aplikasi selepas 8 Ogos dengan tawaran dan jenama yang diperbaharui bagi memastikan pengalaman membeli-belah yang menarik dan berpatutan untuk pelanggan.

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ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee

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ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee Enjoy products for only RM2.10

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 JULY 2020 - The much-loved ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee. Fondly known as the “RM2.10 shop in my neighbourhood”, the homegrown brand has opened a store on the e-commerce platform where over 700 products are priced at RM2.10! 

Malaysians can shop for their favourite items and household necessities from toiletries, gardening tools, jewellery, home decor, kids and baby care, kitchen and dining, pet supplies, stationery sets, travel accessories and more. What’s more, we hear that ECO Shop will continue to add more products on a weekly basis. 

Home Improvement 

ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee Enjoy products for only RM2.10

Kitchen and Dining 

ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee Enjoy products for only RM2.10

Sports and Games 

ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee Enjoy products for only RM2.10

ECO Shop was established in June 2003 and today has over 138 outlets all around Malaysia. Expanding its presence to the online world allows its customers to shop safely from home without having to head out unnecessarily. The move to go online has also garnered encouraging results, just by looking at the listings, which goes to show that ECO Shop has grown into a lovable brand among Malaysians. 

Dato Sri’ Lee Kar Whatt, Founder of ECO Shop said “ECO Shop is committed to providing customers with affordable and quality products. By expanding our business to Shopee, we can now ensure that more Malaysians are able to enjoy what we have to offer even if there is no ECO Shop outlet near their home. By launching our shop on Shopee, we will also provide ECO Shop’s loyal customers with greater convenience.” 

Lee added, “In conjunction with our store launch, we will be having a Spend & Win Contest on 24 July 2020 where all customers stand to be one of 20 winners to win up to RM1000 worth of ECO Shop vouchers. There will also be in-store promotions that customers can enjoy for greater savings.” 

To find out more on what ECO Shopee Malaysia has to offer on Shopee, head over to their store now at https://shopee.com.my/ecoshopmy.os or search “Eco Shop Malaysia” on the Shopee App. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on a chance to win ECO Shop vouchers!

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